Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination for a winter vacation. Cabo is a fantastic spot for anyone looking to escape the long, cold winter months. From college students on winter break to a married couple looking for a romantic mid-winter trip, Cabo is the place to go. Read on for four benefits of taking a winter vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

Warm Weather in Cabo San Lucas

The first benefit of taking a winter vacation to Cabo is the weather. The temperatures are warm all year long. In January the average high is 80 degrees, and 81 in February. Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing temperatures in the 40s, 30s, or even lower! Imagine taking a break from the cold, ice, and snow and spending a week relaxing on a beautiful beach in Cabo San Lucas. Return home to your jealous friends and family members with sun-kissed skin!

Endless Activities

Winter can get boring! With cold temperatures, snow, and ice, it can be difficult to plan fun winter activities. A trip to Cabo will provide you and your family with endless enjoyable activities. From water sports to riding camels, there is truly something for everyone to do in Cabo. At Cabo Discount Tours, we help you plan and schedule your activities before your trip even begins. Check out our various tours and packages and pick which ones appeal to you!

Prime Whale-Watching Season

Did you know that each year almost a dozen species of whales come to the Baja Peninsula searching for the perfect spot to give birth? This phenomenon makes Cabo a prime destination for whale watchers. The best part about taking a winter vacation to Cabo is that it is peak whale-watching season. The whales are most active December through April. Make sure to add whale-watching to your itinerary on your winter vacation – it’s the experience of a lifetime.


Last but not least, taking a Cabo vacation in the winter is relaxing. It gives tourists a chance to step away from their busy lives and chill out on the white sand beaches next to the beautiful ocean. Cabo is the perfect getaway for college students on winter break. It is a great place to unwind after a stressful semester and helps students recharge for the new year.

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to go on a winter vacation. Visiting Cabo in the winter has many benefits, including warm, relaxing weather, endless activities, and the fact that it is the peak of whale-watching season. Contact Cabo Discount Tours today to start planning your winter vacation.