Camel Rides in Cabo San Lucas

Looking for Adventure in Cabo? Try a Cabo Camel ride.

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Cabo Camel Quest

Looking for a new adventure in Los Cabos? Try the Camel Quest Cabo Camel Ride, for an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Animal Kingdom

Meet the Cabo Camels and the rest of the Wild Canyon Animal Kingdom!  Feed the birds in the sanctuary, plus check out iguanas, alligators and more!

Pacific Camel Adventure

Ride the camels through Sand Dunes of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy spectacular views on the adventure of a lifetime.

We brought our children (6yo & 8yo) to see the camels and they haven’t stopped talking about it.  They loved the Camel Encounter and Animal Kingdom plus the guides were great at keeping them entertained.  Highly recommended.

Charlene Barkley