Your trip is planned for Cabo San Lucas. Flights and accommodations are booked, the itinerary is set – now what? It is important to create a checklist of things to pack before traveling to Cabo. With all the activities available, you will need a variety of items. Here are six things to pack for a vacation to Cabo.

Camera for the Cabo San Lucas Sights 

A camera should be at the top of your packing list. Cabo San Lucas has beautiful landscapes and crystal-clear waters.  After returning home, you will want pictures to remember the trip by. Most phones have a camera on them, but if you own a DSLR, it is highly recommended that you bring it on the trip as well. The camera will help you capture many different adventures including horseback riding, whale watching, and sunset cruises.

Comfortable Shoes

To thoroughly enjoy all your Cabo adventures, it is crucial to pack a comfortable pair of shoes. Many of the tours will require more than flip flops for you to be comfortable. If you are planning on mountain biking, bungee jumping, zip-lining, or horseback riding, pack a comfortable pair of tennis shoes.

Bathing Suit

One of the most important items on a Cabo packing list is a bathing suit. Cabo is full of stunning beaches, and many of the tours include water activities such as snorkeling and flyboarding. It is a good idea to pack multiple bathing suits, so you have a fresh suit to wear each day.

Sunscreen for the Cabo San Lucas Sun

A trip to Cabo means a lot of time spent outside in the hot, intense sun of Mexico. Sunscreen is an important item to add to the packing list. No one wants their vacation to be ruined by a horrible sunburn!

Plenty of Clothes

In addition to comfortable shoes, it is very important to pack plenty of clothes. It is also important to pack a wide variety of clothes. The activities in Cabo vary greatly. You may spend the morning in golf clothes, the afternoon snorkeling in a bathing suit, and the evening taking a sunset cruise wearing nice clothes. Expect a lot of clothing changes during a Cabo vacation.

Bug Spray

Last but not least, do not forget to pack bug spray! As previously mentioned, your Cabo vacation will include a lot of outdoor time. Apply the bug spray before and during your Cabo tours so that you don’t get bug bites.

As a rule of thumb, start packing for a vacation to Cabo San Lucas a week early. This will ensure that you have time to think about what to bring and that you won’t forget anything.  Remember to pack the six essential items above to have an enjoyable vacation!  Contact Cabo Discount Tours for more information about what to pack for your vacation and to learn about specific tours.