A Cabo summer vacation is the solution to your shut-in blues, especially if you haven’t been able to travel for the past year or so. After all, summertime is the opportunity for finding adventure, no matter your age. With Cabo Discount Tours, you have the chance to soar, dive, and conquer rough terrain. All you need to do is clear your schedule.

Choose Your Transportation

With a Cabo summer vacation, you have your choice of transportation. It all depends on your type of adventure and your budget. Thankfully, we offer affordable but fun accommodations no matter your spending limit. In Cabo, you can customize your adventures and choose what works best for you. We like to make things easy, so you can select your adventures one by one. This way you can explore your own limitations and venture into new or unexpected territory.


Many adventures take place off-road. And it’s no wonder, because people tend to have fun in the wilder areas. ATVs are a great way to challenge yourself and your adaptability to unexpected terrain. A Cabo summer vacation gives you access to our popular Baja Sur Adventure tour. You can experience the power of an off-road vehicle as you hit the backcountry. As the most distinct Off-Road Adventure Tour in Los Cabos, your guide can personalize each route for your skill levels and preferences, depending on the people with you. 

You’ll take part in the exciting Baja 1000 race terrain, starting with the Adventure Tour in the practice area. This way you can get some ATV practice before heading off to see what Baja California Sur can offer you. This tour means you will make your way across arroyos, desert, and beach environments. For the most adventurous, you can test your mettle with these race-bred 1000cc Razor machines. 

Designed by real Off-Road Race Winner Alex Rodriguez, the Baja Sur Adventure Tour thrills hundreds of seasoned drivers and newbies alike every year. For your convenience, we collaborate with a variety of Cabo hotels, resorts, and villas so you have somewhere to rest once the adventure is over. If you are covered in dirt or mud, you have the option to clean up and dream about further adventures. Whether you’re looking for a quick Cabo Escape or an extended stay, let us help put together the perfect Cabo Vacation Package for you.

Scuba Diving with a Cabo Summer Vacation

A Cabo summer vacation caters to both veteran and new scuba divers. For the latter, you don’t have to worry about missing the fun because you can learn how to scuba dive with our Discover Scuba course. Here, you will learn the basics of scuba diving until you’re comfortable with an underwater journey. Experienced scuba divers can take a more advanced class to receive additional certifications, or just to refresh their skills.

The Discover Scuba course ensures that you will enjoy every second of your summer vacation. First, the one-dive mini-course gives divers an introduction to scuba diving ins and outs. While this step doesn’t provide you with scuba certification, it serves as a way to explore the activity in a brief class during your vacation. Basically, this is a way to whet your appetite. If you end up wanting more, you can sign up for a full certification course, or get certified back home. Scuba diving can seem scary to beginning divers, so our instructors work hard to make sure you feel comfortable going for your first underwater explorations. 

There are so many water sports in Cabo to pick from. Enjoy surfing, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, and more!

Adventures in the Air

Over the years, our summer tours have taken more people above ground. For example, check out paragliding, which differs from parasailing because there’s a motor onboard. Basically, our drivers can take you in any direction at about 13 mph to put the wind in your face without too much aggression. Like any good adventure, your path depends on the wind and the route of the boat. Ultimately, we enjoy giving guests the freedom to fly where they want, so we provide the ways to do so with pizzazz.

On our tours, each person goes paragliding with a guide, which means you’ll be safe and sound. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the airwaves over the ocean or land. As you paraglide, your feet will get the chance to dangle before you need to touch down once again. Cabo summer vacations will take you where you didn’t know you needed to go, even if it’s high above everyone else!

Cabo Summer Vacation Resorts

Our Cabo Resorts are All-Inclusive, with many others offering the option to their guests. Located right on the beach, we have warm or chilled Infinity Pools to complement the variety of activities available. Our suites come equipped with Full Kitchens, with options available for all group sizes and timeframes. For instance, we can accommodate up to 20 of your closest friends, or provide a romantic getaway for two. In fact, Cabo rental houses and condos work for all budget levels.

Come and let our expert team create the perfect Cabo summer vacation for you and your group. Your needs are our wants, and we will work hard so you don’t have to. At Cabo resorts, we create memorable and relaxing tours, all family-run and reliable. We work hard to offer the best service at the most competitive prices in Los Cabos. Check in with us frequently, because we are constantly adding new tours and events for people who prefer land, sea, or air. Contact us now for the best vacation rates out there.