The Storm – Tropical Storm Lidia

tropical storm Lidia hit Cabo San Lucas and flooded much of los cabo.Tropical Storm Lidia hit Los Cabos on Thursday 31 August 2017 and brought with her more than a years worth of rain in a 30 hour period.

Although Tropical Storm Lidia was not a Hurricane, the devastation caused to many of the local inhabitants was unexpected by the vast majority.  Some that lived through Hurricane Odile (3 years ago) prepared early by stocking up and battening down the hatches.  For the rest, many were unprepared for what was expected to be ‘a bit of rain’.

The amount of rain that hit this beachside community carried with it homes, cars and livelihoods for many Los Cabos Residents.  Lives were lost as the Arroyos became powerful rivers taking everything in their path.  The last 2km stretch of entry into Cabo San Lucas was completely blocked by floodwaters, slowing the rescue efforts.

The Recovery

Los Cabos community has banded together in the cleanup process and have been doing amazing work helping the community as a whole.  Clothes, food and supplies are being delivered to where they are most needed, as intense cleanup efforts are taking place.  Beach Cleanups are underway and highways are being cleared allowing traffic to flow, which is essential to the rest of the cleanup efforts.

Supermarkets are back up and running, plus Gas Stations , plus corner stores and many other locations are coming back online daily.

Power is being restored quickly to those that lost power (although some areas will be without for some time yet).  Water services are getting restored slowly as some major pipes were badly damaged.

Los Cabos is again putting in a huge effort to ensure tourists can get back to their vacations and locals can get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

Tours and Activities Updates

With tourists still coming in and many that were here during the event, Tour and Activity operators are doing their best to get back online.

As of today, Transportation is still the the biggest difficulty for many operators.

ATV Tours & Razor Tours

ATV Tours and Razor Tours are up and running as of 2 September at some locations.  Others are working to be back up and running by mid week.

Sport Fishing

The Port is open and Fishing is back up and running!  The conditions are flat calm and beautiful for a day on the water.

Sunset Cruises, Snorkeling and Booze Cruises

Although I would recommend a few more days out of the water, Sunset Cruises, Snorkeling and Some Booze Cruises resumed operations Today (Sunday 3 September), whilst others will take a little longer to get back into the action.

Zip Lines, Swing and Bungee

Wild Canyon as with all other operators are working hard to get their tours back online for you guys.  The Zip Lines and ATV Tours will be ready to go on Tuesday 5 Sept, with modified tour hours.  Tarzan Swing, Bungee and Camel Tours will take a little longer to ensure the safety of all involved.


The courses took a bit of a hit, however the main damage was Bunkers, Cart Paths and Arroyos.  The cleanup should be pretty quick, with the main Public Courses (Palmilla, Cabo Real, Puerto Los Cabos, Club Campestre San Jose and Cabo del Sol) due to open again during the early stages of this week.  Cabo San Lucas Country Club was a little more badly affected.

Dolphins & Camels

Cabo Adventures will be offering service for their Dolphin and Camel Tours starting tomorrow (4 Sept), with the rest of their tours soon to follow.

What Now?

Los Cabos is working hard to get back on track and open for our tourists.  Driving through downtown Cabo San Lucas, you will see a hive of activity with people sweeping and cleaning up the streets and stores.  Many places have opened and many more are almost ready.

We need your understanding that things take time.  Transport is not as efficient as it would normally be.  Waiting times are a little longer than normal and more activities are becoming available every day.

The Updates

Tropical Storm Lidia has moved on and over the next few days we will try to keep you updated with the latest news on transport and activities opening and conditions.

Please feel free to Comment if you are looking for specific information and we will do our best to help you out.

Cabos Best Tours

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ATV & Razor Tours

ATV and Razor Tours were pretty much the first activities to get back underway.

Due to transportation restrictions, ATV & Razor Tours have been operating with limited timeslots open. Transportation to and from your hotels has been taking longer than usual, however roads and hotel entrances are improving every day.

As of Today (7 Sept), all ATV and Razor Tours are available with the following restrictions:  Timeslots available are the 10:30am and 4pm slots or for the WIld ATV and Wild Razor Tours, the timeslots are 10am and 2pm.

Please note that this information is changing quickly, so please ensure to check your confirmation details for pickup & tour times.


The courses took a bit of a hit, however the main damage was Bunkers, Cart Paths and Arroyos.

The cleanup has been quick, with the main Public Courses already open to some degree

Palmilla,  currently has 9 holes open (Arroyo Course), with the next 9 holes due to open around the 20th of this month.  The main issue at Palmilla was the cart paths, and the Turf and greens are looking great.

Cabo Real, will open as scheduled on the 7 Sept with a full 18 holes.  The greens were punched on 5 and 6 September, so promotional rates are offered until the greens recover.

Puerto Los Cabos, Is open.  9 holes opened on 5 Sept, with 18 holes opened today.  There is a promotional price to play PLC for 7 & 8 September, with prices going back to normal on 9 Sept.

Club Campestre San Jose Is opening their full 18 holes on 7 September and is in great condition, with signs of damage to cart paths.

Cabo del Sol – Ocean is due to open as scheduled on Friday 8 September.  the course is in great shape with damage to cart paths and temporary Cart Paths have been organized.

Cabo del Sol – Desert was due to be shut down for maintenance and will remain closed until 25 September.

Cabo San Lucas Country Club was a little more badly affected and will be closed until further notice.

Zip Lines, Swing and Bungee

As of 7 Sept, Zip Lines at Wild Canyon are back Online!

Wild Canyon are running their Zip Lines, ATV Tours, UTV Tours and Camel Tours back on their normal schedule of 9am, 12pm and 3pm.  The Access Road has changed and a new mainly paved road is being used now, so if anybody is planning on making their own way there, please get in touch for directions.

Swing and Bungee are due back online soon.

Sunset Tours

Sunset Tours are running as scheduled.  Most sunset tours in Los Cabos are back to normal hours as of Tuesday 5 Sept.

Snorkeling Tours

Although many Snorkelling Tours are back up and running, I’d still recommend waiting until 15 Sept for the water to clear up more.  Due to some additional rains in the area, the Arroyos have continued to muddy the waters.

Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Tours are back online and as busy as ever, never losing a step after Tropical Storm Lidia.  Book early to ensure you get your spot. Check out our selection of Dolphin Swim Tours in Los Cabos.

Horseback Riding and Camels

Horseback Riding and Camel Tours are back up and running.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing has been HOT since we got back in the water after Tropical Storm Lidia!

The season is here and hotting up, with a huge variety of edible species being caught.

Book your day out on the water now with our selection of Cabo Sport Fishing Charters.